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E-Scooter Picnic Tour Lake Walen

Duration: 3 hours

Excursion with the e-scooter on Lake Walen. The package includes the e-scooter rental incl. picnic bag and route guidance with GPS device.

From 49,00 CHF

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Culinary Tour Graubünden Rhine Valley (E-Bike)

Duration: 7 hours

You will ride your e-bike through the Graubünden Rhine Valley to the old town of Chur. On the tour you will stop at various restaurants and enjoy a 3-course menu.

From 110,00 CHF

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Gourmet hike tour "lake"

Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes

The boat takes you to the picturesque villages along Lake Walen, where appetizer, main course and dessert await you.

From 116,00 CHF

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Guided tour and tasting at the Davaz Winery

Duration: 2 hours

Embark on an exciting journey into the world of wine at the Davaz winery. You will learn everything about the cultivation of the vines, the harvest, the wine production and the storage. After the tour you will taste 4 different wines.

From 30,00 CHF

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E-bike GPS treasure hunt

Duration: 3 hours

Experience an adventurous e-bike GPS treasure hunt around Bad Ragaz and the picturesque Bündner Herrschaft region. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and discover an exciting puzzle as you explore the region on your e-bike.

From 79,00 CHF

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Small wine tour - half day

Duration: 3 hours

On a guided wine tour in the Bündner Herrschaft you will receive interesting information about the region. Immerse yourself in the world of wine and enjoy a wine tasting at a winery afterwards. 

From 490,00 CHF

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Bündner Wine Tour

Duration: 3 hours

Together with a local guide, you go on an easy hike in the Bündner Herrschaft gourmet region. Learn exciting information about the region and visit a winery in the region.

From 470,00 CHF

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Culinary Tour Lake Walen (E-Bike)

Duration: 6 hours

During this e-bike tour you will explore the Mediterranean villages on Lake Walen. Three culinary highlights await you.

From 135,00 CHF

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Wildlife watching bearded vulture and golden eagle

Duration: 5 hours

Join an experienced Swiss Ranger on a wildlife observation tour through the UNESCO World Heritage Tectonic Arena Sardona. On this tour you will have the opportunity to observe bearded vultures and golden eagles in their natural habitat and receive exciting information.

From 50,00 CHF

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Bad RagARTz: Guided tour - a look behind the scenes

Duration: 1 hours 45 minutes

Find out more about the works of art on a guided tour of the Bad RagARTz sculpture exhibition, accompanied by an expert guide and an employee of the Käppeli company, who played a key role in the installation of the sculptures. His personal insights make this tour a unique experience.

From 35,00 CHF

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