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Paragliding Tandem Flight "Heidiland

Duration:  2 days 720 minutes


  • Tandem flight over the holiday region Heidiland
  • Spectacular view of lakes, mountains and valleys
  • 15 to 60 minutes round flight, 1 to max. 20 participants

You know Heidiland like the back of your hand? Or would you like to try something completely new? How about a paragliding flight over the entire holiday region? Experience Heidiland's lakes, streams, mountains and valleys from a unique perspective. Below you, you will find the fjord-like Walensee or the UNESCO World Heritage Tectonic Arena Sardona, where the formation of the Alps is incomparably visible. Whether it's a try-out flight or an extended round: you decide the duration of the sightseeing flight.


15 - 20 minutes paragliding tandem flight
CHF 175.00 per person

20 - 30 minutes paragliding tandem flight
CHF 210.00 per person

40 - 60 minutes paragliding tandem flight
CHF 270.00 per person

Meeting point

Time and place of the event will be defined in advance with the provider


Chicken Wings Paragliding Adventure Rosengasse
7324 Vilters
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  • Equipment: Clothing appropriate to the weather, sunglasses and good shoes
  • Helmet and passenger seat provided
  • Photo and video recordings are possible at an extra charge
  • Age restriction: possible from 4 years
  • For minors, the consent/signature of the parents is required
  • This tandem flight is subject to weather conditions. If necessary, an alternative date will be arranged together.
  • A refund of the booking is only possible in exceptional cases
  • Chickenwings Paragliding will contact you prior to the tandem flight to clarify the details


  • Daily on request

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